3 Easy Stops for Beautiful Photos!

October 16, 2020 business, photo tips

Ahhhh fall.

If you're in southeastern Wisconsin like me, fall is the last few salvageable days of warmth before the six-month winter starts. BUT, we're also blessed with beautiful colors! If you're looking to book mini sessions or just want to step up your DIY photography game, here are some tips to tune up your photography - no matter where you live!

There are a few general rules that I live by with all of my photography, aimed at instant improvement. Shallow depth of field, and golden hour! Keeping my backgrounds fuzzy and the sun a beautiful golden color brings out the best in my subjects! But now, here are the REAL tips to help you out!

Shoot on a sidewalk.

Any sidewalk. The imagery of a sidewalk leading to or away from your subject really tells your viewer where their eyes should go

Find a historic building.

If you're looking to spice up your background a little more, historic buildings make beautiful backdrops! Their colors are neutral enough to go with any outfit, but bold enough to create interest.

Step into nature.

The city is nice and all, but sometimes, you just gotta get lost in nature. Find the natural high points in the scenery to make a more dynamic background.

...and there you have it!

A few easy tips to get you on your way! Big thanks to my model, Adam :) Animal portraits are the best!